IKEA "deadly drawer cabinet" series of products are still in sale

The recall of the Malm drawer cabinet series of products from 299 yuan to 999 yuan range
"Deadly drawer cabinet" event continued fermentation. After a multi-sectoral interview, IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "IKEA China") compromise, announced in the Chinese market recall "deadly drawer cabinet" series of products. July 12, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, said IKEA China decided today in the Chinese market recalled nearly 1.7 million pieces of Marm and other series drawer cabinet. However, the recall of the product is still in sale. July 14, "China Business" reporter in the IKEA Beijing four yuan bridge shop found that the furniture area office staff have posted a notice of the recall, but the announcement was recalled Malm, Braun, Hannis and other products Still in sales. IKEA China responsible person in an interview with this reporter said, "recall does not mean that the sale." And said that the recall will bring the impact of IKEA "temporarily unable to estimate." Side to sell back IKEA: recall is not equal to the suspension According to reports, as of July 14, Shenzhen IKEA has received the requirements of the number of furniture on the wall 338, asked to mail on the wall of 35, asked to return 85. This reporter learned that IKEA Beijing four yuan bridge shop, West Hongmen shop has been out of the recall notice. For the recall of the Beijing store, the reporter called the official website of China's Beijing public relations phone call, but many calls are unable to connect. Reporters learned from the IKEA China Customer Service Center, the recall information published after the service hotline overload state, and was told to recall the cycle for several months, staggered peak asked. July 14, the reporter to IKEA Beijing four yuan bridge shop, see the relevant information has been recalled at the entrance of the electronic screen rolling broadcast. "Furniture overturned the danger of home security may be the serious problem of the entire furniture industry, IKEA commitment to respond to this challenge from the role of the table." At the same time the reporter saw the staff of the furniture area office have posted a notice of the recall, But the announcement was recalled Malmo, Braun, Hannis and other products are still selling. Reporters on the scene of a random interview with several consumers found that, in addition to part of the recall, there are children who are more concerned about the matter. "Can return, you can install the wall for free." The staff told reporters. As to why the recalled product is still in the sale, the staff said "do not know the reason." IKEA China Public Relations Manager Xu Lide explained that the current all the stores are still in the sale, the recall does not mean to stop selling, recall a variety of forms, including warning, return, stop selling, IKEA products themselves in line with national standards, After the wall is fixed after the safe product, there are no other security issues. After the implementation of the recall, IKEA measures to ensure that IKEA products in the use of the process of security. Therefore, after communication with the Quality Supervision Bureau, the measures taken is to provide free parts for consumers free of charge, free home installation or return, and did not take measures to stop. The AQSIQ announced on January 1 this year, the implementation of the "defective consumer goods recall management approach" provides that the product recall refers to the consumer goods manufacturers to the defective consumer goods to take measures to eliminate defects or reduce the risk of elimination activities. If the operator is aware of the defects in the consumer goods, it shall immediately stop selling, leasing, using defective consumer goods, and assisting the producer in carrying out the recall. 166 million hidden products from China recalled AQSIQ recently announced that after the interview, IKEA China submitted a recall plan, decided from July 12, 2016 in the Chinese market recalled from 1999 to 2016 during the sale of the Malm and other series of drawer cabinets. The total number of affected products (including imported products) in mainland China is 1660845. AQSIQ said that the drawer cabinet within the scope of the recall, if not properly fixed to the wall, may occur due to dumping the cabinet to lead to the risk of death or injury to children. And remind the vast number of consumers to check the family of drawer cabinet products, the possible occurrence of the above-mentioned dangerous products, confirmed that the product has been installed in accordance with the instructions or consult the operator after the fixed on the wall. Reporters noted that the recall of the product specifications involved in addition to Malmö series, but also include Anne Bo, Aspen, Braun, Buson, Brussari, Edelan, Hannis, Hoben, Coulomb , Lexwell, Mamot, Mandel, Nicholas and other 49 brands of products. Public information shows that since 1989, these questions have caused six children to die and 36 children injured. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission recently said it had received 41 reports of overturning accidents involving the Malm drawer cabinet, which killed three children and injured 17 children. In addition, the company also received another 41 cases involving other models of drawer cabin accident report, these accidents caused the other three children died, 19 children were injured. On June 29, IKEA agreed to recall 29 million drawers in the United States, including the best-selling Malm series, due to the risk of possible overturn. But this batch was recalled with the series of products in line with Chinese standards are still sold in China, this behavior is widely believed that there is a "double standard", and was criticized and dissatisfied with the consumer. Subsequently, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai and other consumer associations and quality inspection departments have talked about the local IKEA branch, asked IKEA no difference recall product, but IKEA refused to recall. Until the AQSIQ involved, IKEA agreed to recall the above products, and announced the solution. July 12, IKEA official website announcement, IKEA (China) will provide free on the wall connection, and for the difficult users to provide free on-site installation support; consumers can also return furniture IKEA shopping, full refund The IKEA announced the recall, the Consumers Association said: "supervision of IKEA recall program to implement." And that the incident reflects some of the furniture products there are security risks, the furniture production and management enterprises should be based on the requirements to provide safe goods and Services, industry should strengthen self-discipline. Recall events or affect the performance of IKEA China why suddenly turned to agree to recall? After the recall of the product, where will go from? A series of follow-up issues are still widespread concern. Xu Lide told reporters in an interview that the recall is IKEA and AQSIQ and consumer associations to communicate after the decision. The reason why there is no recall before, because IKEA products in accordance with the requirements of the instructions on the wall is safe, while IKEA products meet China's large products need to be fixed on the wall of the mandatory standards. It is understood that the current IKEA in the north Guangshen, Shenyang, Dalian, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places a total of 18 shopping malls. Reporters interviewed IKEA Chinese staff was informed that the recall of nearly 1.7 million products in the shopping malls are sold. Public data show that IKEA sales in 2015 reached 10.5 billion yuan, an increase of 18%, and the annual growth rate of three new stores. In the industry observers view, the recall outside the products involved, covering a wide area, coupled with the first half of this year in China to start a recall, a total involving a large number of its operations and revenue and other aspects may be affected. For the recall caused by the loss of valuation, quality control and other issues, Xu Lide in an interview with this reporter did not respond positively, said no matter how much damage in the operation and products, once the product needs to improve the situation, IKEA will recall. And said the incident on the IKEA in China in 2016 the performance will be the impact of temporarily unable to budget. According to the reporter is not entirely statistics, the recall of the Malm drawer cabinet series of products from 299 yuan to 999 yuan range; Hannis series prices from 599 yuan to 1999 yuan range; Braun series from the price of 399 yuan to 699 yuan is not Etc .; Saier Seoul series price from 1499 yuan to 1799 yuan range; Hu Ze series price from 799 yuan to 2999 yuan range; Ai Si Fu five drawer cabinet 599 yuan; library Peng three bucket drawer cabinet 699 yuan; Nordley 4 drawer cabinet 1499 yuan. And for the recall of the product will be how to deal with, Xu Lide told reporters, "the recall of most of the products will be harmless," but for the "harmless" did not do too much explanation, only "certainly not re-packaging about To the consumer ".

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