Zhejiang Lishui Sucun landslide: open the "mountain scar" behind the hidden injury

One is the north boundary town to persuade the people to evacuate the cadres
The picture shows the landslide scene. "Did not expect, really did not expect ... ..." This is a hurry came to work in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Zhou Yahong a few days to his mouth has been talking about the mouth of the city of Hangzhou, Of the sentence. Affected by the typhoon "catfish", 28 evening, a minute of landslides and fissures, Suichang County, Zhejiang Province, the northern town of Su Village was more than 40 million cubic meters of landslides drowned. Ruins, devastated. Landslides exposed to the mountains such as a huge scar, especially harsh. 20 houses were buried, 7 people were killed, there are 20 people lost tie ... ... under the harsh, brought a string of heavy numbers. Disaster before the arrival of Su Village, is located in the embrace of the mountains, large tracts of bamboo wind playing rustle, Taoyuan Creek from the village door gurgle and over, there is a paradise of the quiet. It is hard to imagine that such a picturesque village has been accompanied by landslides and fissures for many years. Local people recalled that the rain has said that there have been several times the phenomenon of stone rolling, but we did not particularly care about. According to the official disclosure, Su village village where the landslide is a geological hazard. In the face of natural disasters, in addition to the helplessness of the natural disasters, the deceased of the deceased, many people are remorse: "If you know today, will certainly move out early." In this accident, if there is "regret medicine", the people Can be heard early, although the disaster can not be avoided, but the number of casualties will be reduced to a minimum, or even casualties. Bare "mountain scar" behind, then hide the local people awareness of disaster prevention indifferent "hidden injury." And this hidden in 1989 on the Rolling Stones disregard, it is precisely the initiative to avoid. The picture shows the evacuation of villagers settlements. He Jiang Yong photo In recent years, Suichang from the county to the village, are very concerned about the Soviet Union, often patrol, prevent the occurrence of disasters. September 27, that is, the day before the disaster, the local town government began to persuade the villagers to evacuate the same day the organization transferred 15 people, but more people still choose to stay in their own homes. 72-year-old Su village villagers Lin Juxiang in the accident in the escape, lying on the bed, the old some regret, "(town cadres day) afternoon to two or three times called us (evacuation), we said good Ok, I do not know so fast. "Because the disaster will not come so fast, Lin Ju Xiang decided to stay at home and then leave. After eating just go out, came behind the rumbling loud noise. After the survivors, Lin Juxiang did not dare to think, if you stay a few minutes of the consequences. Of the 20 people who are currently losing streak, one is the leader of the northern town to persuade the people to evacuate. According to 58-year-old villagers Su Guohong recalled, half a hour before the landslide occurred, the town cadres to his house to persuade the transfer. After that, he went to other people to mobilize. Was advised to leave the Soviet Union did not immediately leave the Soviet Union, but sitting at the door waiting. Waiting for the time, the mountains of large stones such as flood-like vent down. Because the town cadres persuasion, for the Soviet Union to win the escape time, lucky to pick a life, and advised him to evacuate the town cadres are lost. The day went to Su village to persuade the villagers to evacuate the north boundary town cadres Zhou Ruilu. He recalls that the poor town cadres were an old cadre who was about to retire and had a good relationship with the villagers. Before the incident, we persuaded him not to go to Su village this time. However, he is rich in communication experience, take the initiative to come to participate in persuasion. Did not expect, to persuade the process, the occurrence of landslides ... ... Su village support book Huapu Ping told reporters that before the mountain there are hidden dangers, unsafe, so a rainy town will ask the villagers to evacuate. The mountain before the landslide, the northern boundary of the cadres on many occasions to persuade Sucun. "We were pulling them down and they went back all of a while, and they felt that the mountain would not come down so fast, and some would come back to dinner and go home to eat a meal." Su Ping some helpless. Zhejiang Province, director of the Office of the Commissioner Hu Yaowen told reporters that the geological disasters have slow process, one day or even years do not feel out, but the slow accumulation to a certain extent, once the heavy rain is easy to sudden landslides. "Many years ago (the government) to remind, that this is a dangerous room, (to us) removed." Zhou Yahong because of migrant workers escaped, but stay in the home of the father-in-law has died. "There was nothing wrong with the rain in the mountain, but nothing happened in 1989." It was because of the fact that everyone did not care that a minute of catastrophe destroyed many people's families. "Things did not (development) to this step, not so hard to do (relocation)." Speaking of these, Zhou Yahong red eyes, regret it. For the public's effect and chances, Hu Yaowen from the emotional can understand, after all, people for decades to live there for generations, for the evacuation, and my heart inevitably some dismay. Zhejiang is located in land and sea land belt, seven mountains and one water two fields. Suichang, for example, the local nine mountain half water half of the field. Zhejiang and many rural areas built by mountains, typhoons, floods, landslides and other natural disasters, and in natural disasters, because the disaster consciousness caused by tragedy, Su village is not the first case. According to Hu Yaowen introduced in 2009, Zhejiang Province, the prevention of the establishment of the grassroots flood control system, under normal circumstances, the rainfall station more than 30 mm, will be issued by short message, telephone, fax to the responsible person, asked to transfer , Including townships, villages, communities, until the villagers group, each household, as long as the danger area staff will be notified in place. In the typhoon and other disasters come, do not want to leave the dangerous areas, "stick to" property and loss of life and other news is still reported. The lessons of blood again and again are telling the public about the importance of disaster prevention and disaster prevention in the face of natural disasters. Hu Yaowen that the natural disaster in front of the government need to take coercive measures to allow people to evacuate, so as to ensure the safety of life, "but the most important thing is the people's own awareness." Zhejiang Province has always stressed that the natural disaster, War, the village from the war, self-war "," the local people to consciously participate in the process of defense of natural disasters, take the initiative to improve their ability and awareness, then we organize the transfer of personnel on the speed of fast. "Su village Landslide has been the past three days, torrential rain stopped, rescuers did not stop the search and rescue, the injured people are gradually restored to health. Landslides exposed to the brown yellow "mountain scar" Although the harsh, but the eyes of the past, the mountains are full of eyebrows more charming. This is still one of the local people to live a better life in the future.

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